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4-H Program

4-H isn't just about raising animals. 4-H youth develop skills they use throughout their lifetime in a positive youth leadership environment. Douglas County 4-H has 20 clubs with 428 members who bring their best to share during the County Fair. Come on out to the fair and see what wonderful things can happen when youth are provided positive outlets for their energy and potential!

Dates to Remember

June 1
4-H Fair Registrations Open
June 9 6:00pm It's County Fair Time, Now What???
June 24 Demonstration Day at the 4-H Extension Meeting Room
July 15 midnight 4-H Fair Registrations Due
August 3 4-H Clothing/Textiles Judging & Fashion Review & Judging
August 3 4-H Public Fashion Review & Performing Arts Judging
August 6
9:00am 4-H Dog Show
August 9 6:00pm Pre-County Fair Cleanup at the Fairgrounds
August 14 8:00am 4-H Horse Show
August 16
12:00 - 7:00pm 4-H Non-Perishable Item Judging
August 16 5:00pm 4-H Pet Show
August 16 6:30pm 4-H Cat Show
August 16
1:00 - 7:00pm 4-H Animal Science Interviews
August 16 1:00 - 7:00pm Club Exhibits Judged
August 17
1:00 - 7:00pm 4-H Perishable Item Judging
August 17
1:00 - 7:00pm
Animal Science Vet Checks
August 18 7:00 - 8:30am Vet Check Last Call for Milking Dairy & Horses
August 18 9:00 - 12:00pm Animal Weighing & Verification
August 18
10:00am 4-H Poultry Show
August 18 3:00pm 4-H Rabbit Show
August 19
8:00am 4-H Goat Show
August 19
12:30pm 4-H Dairy Show
August 19 4:00pm 4-H Lamb Lead & Sheep Show
August 20 4-H Day Camp
August 21 Horse Fun Show
August 20
8:30am 4-H General Livestock Show - Beef/Swine
August 20 7:00pm Last Call to Accept State Fair Trips
August 21
9:00am 4-H Market Livestock Auction
August 21 12 noon All State Dog & Horse Show Paperwork Due
August 21 1:30pm State Fair Meeting for General Encampment
August 21 2:30pm St.ate Fair Meeting for Livestock Encampment
August 21 4:30pm Round Robin Showmanship Registration
August 21 5:00pm Round Robin Showmanship
August 22 7:00am 4-H Animals Released
August 22 7:00 - noon 4-H Premium Checks Available for Pickup
August 22 7:00 - noon 4-H General Exhibits Released

For a complete schedule of 4-H events, Click Here: 4-H Events Schedule

4-H Premium Book

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