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Open Board Position

We have an open board member position, to be filled by an Alexandria resident.
Please email with any questions or if you are interested in being considered.
The deadline is December 3, 2021.



Fair Phone Number: 866-656-FAIR

President Don Kleine Extension 711
Vice President Brad Brejcha Extension 701
Treasurer Kevin Brezina Extension 710
Secretary Gina Wolf Extension 702
Director Brad Schmidt Extension 712
Director Keith Englund Extension 719
Director Lisa Hynes Extension 705
Director Darla Engstrom Extension 713
Director Brett Grinager Extension 703
Director Molly Maudal Extension 708
Director Pete Fernholz Extension 704
Director Erik Dummer Extension 718
Director Jerry Peper Extension 707
Director Lisa DeKrey Extension 717
Director Melody Thoennes Extension 700
Director Julie Bosek Extension 709


Open Class Darla Engstrom / Kevin Brezina
Vendors & Midway Darla Engstrom / Gina Wolf
Finance, Technology, & Ticketing Molly Maudal / Kevin Brezina
4-H, Camping, Game & Fish Jerry Peper / Brad Brejcha
Maintenance, Safety, & Parking Pete Fernholz / Brad Brejcha
Communications & Advertising Molly Maudal / Kevin Brezina
Grandstand & Entertainment Brad Brejcha / Don Kleine

Douglas County Agricultural Association (DCAA)

Douglas County Agricultural Association (DCAA)

  • Membership to the Douglas County Agricultural Association (DCAA) is open to all residents of Douglas County.
  • $5.00 dues annually, paid prior to annual DCAA meeting in October.
Monthly Business Meetings:
  • 3rd Tuesday of each month, 7:00pm
  • Viking Sportsmen Building on the northeast corner of the fairgrounds

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